RIZ AHMED: Road To Englistan

1 X 30, BBC TWO

An interview with one of Britain's most successful and outspoken actors Riz Ahmed. Currently writing Englistan, a multi-generational drama for the BBC. Riz has starred in numerous critically lauded films including The Reluctant Fundamentalist, HBO's The Night Of and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.


Movies, Music and Politics.

Nikki Bedi interviews Riz in Brooklyn where he has been rehearsing a new film: over a career-spanning interview, they talk about movies, music and politics. As the son of immigrants from Pakistan he talks about growing up in a 'cultural no-man's land' - switching identities as he moved between his traditionally Muslim family life. Riz discusses working with talents such as Chris Morris, his roles in films such as Nightcrawler and The Night Of, and blockbusters such as Jason Bourne, the Marvel film Venom and Star Wars.

Nikki Bedi

Nikki Bedi


Presenter: Nikki Bedi

Executive Producers: Sebastian Barfield and John Durrant

Director: John Das

Riz Ahmed

Riz Ahmed


“Fascinating…” - Financial Times

“…stands out amid the BBC’s Big British Asian Summer season…” - The Guardian

“The more political Ahmed got, the more the sense of a strong, creative intelligence emerged from behind the poised actorly exterior. Never more so than when he was passionately arguing the vital need for Britain to "rediscover an inclusive national narrative", especially now, in the run-up to Brexit.” - The Telegraph